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Gastroenterology of the Rockies

Gastroenterology of the Rockies has grown from a single practitioner, single location practice to a 23 provider operation with eight clinical practice sites, five surgical endoscopy centers, and an administrative/call center.


The Medamorph end-to-end automated solution has improved customer service and quality through a more streamlined organization, yielding major efficiencies that in turn have resulted in increased time spent with the patient and improved patient tracking through the continuum of care. In addition, those same efficiencies have improved profitability via increased patient throughput, more cost-effective purchasing practices, lower overhead, complete procedure documentation, and accurate charge capture and coding.

Providing a virtual campus

The Medamorph system leverages high speed communication and Internet technology to provide a virtual campus for the Gastroenterology of the Rockies’ distributed enterprise. The hub is Medamorph’s IT center housing central computer systems and application software. The spokes are Gastroenterology of the Rockies’ endoscopy centers, clinical practice sites, and administrative/call center with thin-client computers, VOIP (voice over internet protocol phone service) and video conferencing capabilities.

The IT center processes electronic healthcare records (including text and imaging), scheduling, billing, and insurance data. Medamorph delivers state-of-the-art processes to back up and protect data continuously while at the same time ensuring 24/7 access to patient data.

"We operate in a completely paperless environment that assures that everyone who interacts with patients always has the most current patient data either on their desktop, or in the case of physicians, literally in the palm of their hand with their PDAs." stated Dr. Kaye. "Because all patient medical charts can be accessed electronically and simultaneously, physicians are able to respond to patients’ phone questions almost instantaneously."

Enabling more patient interaction


In addition, the paperless environment affords physicians and nurses more time focused on the patient face to face rather than filling out paperwork. Whereas in the past, for example, a nurse would have had to manually enter patient vital statistics, now, even in the endoscopy centers’ prep and procedure rooms, the basic stats are taken and automatically downloaded into the computer system.

Automation has also had an impact on personnel numbers and how they are used. Technicians, for example, have been redeployed because they are no longer required in the procedure rooms. Now they focus on the cleaning, handling and tracking of surgical instruments, and again – patients benefit – because the technicians assist with pre and post patient care.

Better care and more cost-effective at the same time

The nursing shortage has also been manageable for Gastroenterology of the Rockies. Whereas in the past, they had a 1-to-2 recovery nurse-to-patient ratio, now it is 1-to-4. But because nurses are no longer charting on paper, they now spend more time with the patients than when the practice employed more nurses.

Prior to using the Medamorph system, nurses spent an average of 40 minutes per procedure case on paperwork, recording vitals, tracking pathology specimens, recording lab results, logging medications, scheduling calls and correspondence, generating administrative tracking reports, and retrieving procedure notes for audits. Now they are able to schedule less time for each procedure, which means an ability to treat two or three more patients per day at each office.

"The Medamorph automated solution has given us the ability not only to scale the practice efficiently, but to do so while remaining true to our mission of providing excellent customer service," said Dr. Kaye.

Corporate Headquarters

Our Corporate Headquarters houses our main business offices, our Data Center managed by our business partner RockyNet, a full service Internet Service Provider, and our centralized Voice Over IP Call Center.

Our main lobby waiting area and stair case to our roof top lunch deck and Solar arrays...

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Management Team

Joel Montbriand, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Carole Eshima
Chief Financial Officer

Lynn Worley
Information Technology

Bryan Fischer
Human Resource Manager

Tammy Colbert
Billing Manager

Peter Ferguson
Accounting Supervisor

Our Clients

Eight Clinical Practice Sites
Five Surgical Endoscopy Centers
One Seamlessly Integrated Solution

Over the last 23 years, Gastroenterology of the Rockies has grown from a single practitioner, single location practice to a 23-provider operation with eight clinical practice sites, five surgical endoscopy centers, and an administrative/call center...

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