Our Services

Information Technology

We have an established consulting service, as an Application Service Provider (ASP) for Gastroenterology of the Rockies, Denver West Endoscopy Center, Rocky Mountain Pathology Consultants, and Endoscopy Center of the Rockies. Along with our service partners, we provide a variety of products and services at costs appropriate to our clients' needs.

Our clients have access to their networks and all of their electronic records. These records are maintained in each client’s own secure network. Include medical history, referrals, prescriptions, surgical documentation and images and patient correspondence. Any document can be attached to a patient’s electronic chart (scanned image).
These services are available but are not limited to:


High availability with MPLS interconnectivity, DSL, Voice-Over IP (VOIP) phone systems, Firewalling, Network Monitoring, wireless connectivity, Video conferencing and SSL/VPN Access. We will work with you to help you decide which methodology is best for your needs and how you plan to grow.


We are currently providing service through the following software:


We support virtualized network servers, dedicated servers, routers, switches, desktop computers, thin clients, laptops, tablets and handhelds. We will work with your needs and wants to help you get the most out of your medical data.



One call support for all your medical hardware/software issues, your communications needs and Call Center problems.

Call Center

We provide management of incoming phone calls -- whether a medium-sized practice with multiple doctors or a small, single-doctor practice. You can have all your calls come to a central operator for routing to multiple agents to book your appointments, recalls and cancellations seamlessly without spending money on costly PBX systems. Call statistics and other reporting are available to fine tune your operation. Tie all your appointments in to your Electronic Health Record and track your patients and their history from their first call to their next procedure.